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The Petals (15-18 yo)

Lady Blossoms Upper School - The Petals

At the Upper School, we believe in challenging and inspiring our students to develop a lifelong love of learning. Our school is unique not because of what we teach, but how we connect and develop vital relationships between our student and every facet of her life - so she is ready for whatever comes next. 


Our interactive curriculum provides students with opportunities to develop critical thinking skills, take intellectual risks, work in collaborative settings, engage in creative and imaginative learning– all while practicing ethical decision making.  

The Petals are challenged to navigate an increasingly complex world while maintaining a strong sense of individual identity. Our college prep coursework gives them a competitive edge in applying to the most appropriate and prestigious institutions of their choosing. To be competitive in the world’s most complex problems, our students are immersed in the latest technologies and learn complex data analysis skills to help solve world problems.

Lady Blossoms Upper School - Eitquette School for Girls
Lady Blossoms Upper School - Etiquette School for Girls

At Lady Blossoms, we believe that high school should be more than a preparation for college or work. We inspire our students to find their own sense of purpose beyond themselves.

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