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The Sprouts (8-11 yo)

Lady Blossoms online etiquette classes for girls

The Lower School is centered on cultivating wonder and curiosity as well as strong social skills. We focus on helping The Sprouts build a strong foundation for success in learning by developing fundamental skills such as self control, attention span and collaboration. Students learn to work cooperatively so that they can thrive in an ever changing world.


Our little people learn about the importance of civic purpose and personal responsibility through guided practice. Students work to develop skills in collaboration, independence, and hard work as we focus on social emotional well being. We prepare students to be 21st-century learners who are able to think critically, work collaboratively and have empathy for others. 

Through collaboration and a multi disciplinary approach, The Lower School develops students individually and organically. Lady Blossoms Finishing School for Girls is a place of learning and curiosity, where girls are nurtured and given opportunities to develop strong character. It provides the warmth of home, with positive engagement and reinforcement every single day.

Lady Blossoms Lower School girls in PE Class
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