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Welcome to Dining For Professionals: Your Guide to Etiquette for the Modern Adult

Atlanta dining etiquette for adults and restaurant management courses near me.

For every professional

Seeking to improve your personal and professional decorum? You've found the perfect solution with Dining for Professionals! Our welcoming and encouraging atmosphere is the perfect setting to learn the art of fine dining, proper table manners, and essential networking skills in a sophisticated setting. Whether you're an individual, business professional or restaurateur, our all-inclusive courses will elevate your professional presence to the next level. Join us today and experience all that Dining for Professionals has to offer!

What We Offer

Dining Etiquette

Ready to take your dining skills to the next level? Our Dining Etiquette for Professionals Course has got you covered! From table manners to delivering an unforgettable toast, we provide comprehensive training for a polished and professional dining experience.

One on One Etiquette Training

Elevate your personal and professional presence with our One-on-One Adult Etiquette Training! Our experienced instructors provide tailored guidance on dining etiquette, social skills, and professional decorum to help you succeed in any setting.

Server Training

Looking to improve your restaurant's service quality? Our Server Training program covers basic customer service skills to advanced serving techniques, we provide comprehensive training to ensure your staff delivers a top-notch dining experience.

Restaurant Customer Experience

Is your restaurant running as efficiently as it could be? Our Restaurant Audit service can help! We'll review your operations and provide actionable recommendations to streamline processes, boost profits, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Earn a Certificate of Completion which can serve as a valuable asset for your college applications, professional resumes and continued education. Additionally, proudly display it on your wall of fame at home as a symbol of your dedication and accomplishments.

Atlanta Adult Etiquette and Restaurant Management Certification and Training courses near me.


Four Seasons - Atlanta

"Karen's ability to connect with a wide variety of individuals was apparent in the first minutes of the event, and she provided invaluable instruction that will benefit attendees throughout their lives." 

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