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The Benefits Of An All Girls School

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Girls perform better, are interested in and pursue a broader range of subjects, and build lifelong bonds and relationships with each other in all-girl settings.

Reaching For Higher Heights

There are many benefits of going to an all-girls school. Girls who attend single-sex schools have higher self-esteem and confidence levels, especially in math and science. They also tend to do better academically and graduate at a higher rate.

Some of the other benefits of attending an all girls' school include:

Better grades - Girls who attend all girls' schools have better grades than their counterparts who attend coed schools. Girls who attend single-sex schools are more likely to graduate from high school than those attending coed schools, according to the National Coalition for Girls Schooling (NCGS). The NCGS reports that 90 percent of graduates from girls' schools go on to attend college, while only 78 percent of boys in general do so. The NCGS also found that students in single-gender classrooms were more likely than those in mixed classrooms to report higher self esteem.

Higher graduation rates - Students at single gender schools have higher graduation rates than students at coed schools, according to the NCGS. Eighty percent of graduates from girls' schools go on to college, compared with 70 percent from coed schools.

More opportunities for leadership - Girls in single sex-schools are more likely to take leadership positions and become involved in activities like student government and sports teams. This is because they aren't afraid of being judged by their peers for being too assertive or aggressive.

More advanced courses - All girls schools are more likely than coed schools to offer advanced classes an electives in math, science, and other subjects that may not be offered at coed schools.

There are many benefits of going to an all girl school, and many of them have not to do with education. An all girls school can help girls learn more of who they are on a deeper level, sooner, and find their voice faster. They also forge strong, lifelong bonds with their peers, expanding their personal support system and professional contacts.

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