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Affording Private School Is Within Reach

We’ll show you ways to pay for private school education with any budget.

Forward thinking

When some people hear "private school" they think,"expensive." Nowadays, that isn't always the case. There are a number of resources available to any parent considering private school for their student. First and foremost, parents and students have to be willing to go through the process of acquiring private school education.

Paying Out of Pocket

If you can afford it, paying tuition in full is the first reduction benefit you can be awarded. Most schools offer a reduction for families that pay "same as cash" for the tuition in one lump sum. Here at Lady Blossoms, that reduction is 15% off the published price of tuition. Students may still eligible for additional scholarships, reductions and fundraising opportunities. A limit on total reduction applies. Contact the School for more information.

You may also find the option of making monthly payments is right for you. You can choose to pay your tuition in monthly payments through our automated payment system. Once you set up your account online via our secured website, your payments will automatically be withdrawn and that is one less thing you have to worry about.

Reductions, Scholarships and Financial Aid

The majority of families pay private school tuition with the assistance of reductions, scholarships and financial aid. A common reduction is a "sibling discount." At Lady Blossoms, you will find that under our Legacy Scholarship. Any student who can show kinship to a student that has taken any class at Lady Blossoms, can receive the current reduction of the Legacy Scholarship. This award may be combined with other reductions, scholarships and financial aid. See the Tuition and Financial Aid page for other scholarships.

You will find a list of scholarships available to students that come from challenging circumstances. These scholarships may be combined with other reductions and financial aid. As part of our Core Curriculum, our students participate in fundraising efforts that apply to the cost of their tuition. This is another opportunity for every household to receive a reduction, no matter their financial status.

Financial aid is awarded on a demonstration of need at Lady Blossoms. Applying for financial aid is easy and highly recommended. It is not wise for parents to assume they can't afford private school or that they make too much money. It is wise to complete the financial aid form, and speak with the School about your financial efforts in affording tuition.

Most states have additional resources like state education vouchers or special needs voucher that some parents are unaware of that will help pay for the costs of private school. Some parents research their options on using 529 plans, 401k, and taking out loans.

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