Lady Blossoms Finishing School for Girls
The world's premiere modern day etiquette school cultivating girls
8-18 years old to be the most well rounded women of the 21st century.

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Classes are now forming for the 2022-2023 academic year

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Mission Statement


Our mission is simple: Cultivate girls to be the most well rounded women of the 21st century. Lady Blossoms Finishing School for Girls is the paradigm where yesterday’s values and standards meet modern day education and technology. We don’t choose one over the other: we gracefully master both. 

Highly Acclaimed

Our curriculum has been celebrated by students, parents, educators, and employers

Fun, interactive curriculum

Leading with technology, a portion of our curriculum is social media based. 


Learn from Anywhere

All core classes are completely online based. Login in from anywhere in the world

College Bound

97% of our students go on to college and are accepted to international and Ivy League schools

72% Students of Color

Our curriculum is diverse and inclusive to students that need it most

Surprise Guest Speakers

Throughout the year, we have decorated and celebrity guest speakers and instructors

Hybrid online/In-person events

Be excited for our annual conference and special events

Formal Graduation

Each year, we have a graduation ceremony for those who have completed the entire coursework

Leading youth to lifelong excellence

Lady Blossoms Finishing School for Girls

interactive online etiquette school is lauded for the astute analysis of social refinement and leadership qualities based in a world of technology. We meet girls exactly where they are and support in their development through the most important years of their life: their childhood. Our cutting edge curriculum boldly redefines the look and feel of an etiquette school... and revolutionizes this genre to what is most important in developing women leaders of the 21st century. We bridge the fundamentals of social standards and norms, individuality, communication skills, and leadership skills in an online school created especially for them.

Flower Buds 

Girls 8-11 years old

Flower Sprouts

Girls 12-14 years old

Flower Pedals

Girls 15-18 years old

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Nicholas T. Houston Online Student Center

"During this time of massive change around the world, Lady Blossoms Finishing School for Girls remains committed to our mission statement when the school was founded in 2011: "Cultivate girls to be the most well rounded women of the 21st century." And with the latest technology literally at our fingertips, Lady Blossoms has restructured our curriculum to meet girls where they are, and better provide them with instruction, tools, and a safe space to learn and grow, together."

Karen Kennedy 

Founder, Head of School