Socially Smart and

Tech Savvy


Lady Blossoms Finishing School for Girls is the nation's premier finishing school for girls 8 to 18 years old. We teach young ladies to be Socially Smart and Tech Savvy in every social or professional environment she finds herself.







Our school follows a modern approach to social etiquette. We boldly redefine the look and feel of etiquette school... and revolutionize this genre to what is most important in the 21st century. We bridge the fundamentals of person to person interactions, communication skills, leadership skills, and presentation skills with S.T.E.A.M. and modern technology


After school once a week and one Saturday a month, we deliver fun and engaging modules that address relevant topics in current events and social media, while teaching a high standard of thinking.


From Fall September - Spring May, students learn through engaging curriculum, fun activities, S.T.E.A.M. based field trips and social experiments. Through these forums, our girls gain mastery in the areas of:


  • Social Etiquette

  • Business Relations

  • Leadership Skills and Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Peak Performance Skills

  • Personal Branding and Presentation

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Technology Etiquette

  • Home Economics

  • Nutrition and Fitness

  • And much more!

Not your grandma's etiquette school...

Uniform and Insignia of Lady Blossoms


Students earn patches that exemplify their dedication to the program, commitment to our 4 pillars of Excellence, compassion for fellow students, and exhibit leadership amongst their peers and in the community.


Our 4 Pillars of Excellence are:

  • ATTITUDE: (Philosophy, Character Traits and Temperament)

  • IMAGE: (Presentation, Style, Health and Fitness)

  • CONFIDENCE: (Competence, Poise, and Self-Reliance)

  • SISTERHOOD: (Relationships, Friendships and Community Advocacy)




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